Are you worried for lehenga colors that don’t match your skin tone?

We’ll guide you through 14 colours that look most-flattering on dusky skin tones!

First things first, there is no intention of propagating any kind of stereotypes in this content pertaining to skin tones!

We often get queries pertaining to the best lehenga colour options for dusky brides. Any bride could get in a dilemma when it comes to choosing herself a bridal lehenga according to her skin tone. After all, it is a major decision that a bride makes to design her perfect bridal look. So, the anxiety is definitely real!

Putting a rest on all such jitters, here is a list-down of some colors we think would look most flattering on a dusky shade as per our vision and experience. Being in the fashion industry since a decade now and suggesting a million brides the right pick on their dreamy wedding lehenga, we have compiled a few handful looks to help the beautiful brides-to-be enhance their charm although more!

Best Bridal Lehenga Colors for a Dusky Skin Tone:

Dusty pink looks subtle and pretty !

Dusty pink looks subtle and pretty

 Ivories with a combination in gold make an opulent statement.

Blooming Blend of Reds & Pinks

Blooming blend of reds & pinks

Sorbet Hues of Pink!

 Sorbet hues of pink!

And how can we forget the fragrance of turquoise shade! 


The vivid royal blue looks equally stunning on dusky skin tone

 vivid royal blue


 vivid royal blue

The darker shades of orange can be a great choice! 

Orange Lehenga

White with vibrant embroideries ? An effervescent and an ultra-charming choice to pick!

White with vibrant embroideries

Magenta & Fuchsia pinks are our forever favorites ! And of course, the red.

Magenta & Fuchsia pinks

 Lime Green for the brides who do not mind raising their experiment meter.

Lime Green for the brides

The pleasing Sage Green!

Sage Green

Glimmering greys and silver look uber sparkling and classy!

Glimmering greys and silver look

Lastly, and the most flattering one–a tone of maroon or burgundy shade!

maroon or burgundy shade

Remember, the best thing you can wear to your big day is confidence! Pick a color which you can carry confidently–that's what matters the most.