The Mughal Bride

Wish there still existed the era of mughals back in our world. Fashion dating back was a luxurious touch with elegant work and intricate embroideries,yet modern touches to the mughal imbibed fashion status quo and we come up with unique designs everyday to create a quintessential mughal lehenga choli.

We bring in the cultural inspiration in our Indian wedding couture .Floral patterns,grand architecture,deep reds,burgundy,gold and other motifs from the mughal era are more ruled on ramps.The new age bride gets on her elegance with floor sweeping lehengas and gowns in rich colors, on the lines of grandeur befitting the mughal styles-volume, shape and silhouette along with luxe motifs and patterns which are impeccable and very reminiscent of the mughals.

Nothing can beat the auspiciousness of the wedding ceremony. It is definitely the most wonderful moment for the bride. We, at Kalashree Regalia, make this moment, a step further, with our amazing collection of Wedding Lehengas and bridal lehengas. We are your one-stop destination if you are looking to buy Mughal Bridal Dress in Chandni Chowk Delhi. On this auspicious occasion, every bride wants to look like a queen. Our bridal dresses are specially designed with handcrafted artwork so that you look like the queen of your king.

The Mughal Bridal dresses are well-known for their designs, patterns, and artworks which manifest the elegance of the Mughal cultural. Our handcrafted collections reflect the true colors of the ancient Mughal culture. These are perfect wedding attires, crafted for those brides who want to stand-out from the conventional occasions. The Mughal bridal clothing consists of the lehengas, long cholis, and pishwas – a floor-length, flowing dress worn with tight shalwars. Our collection involves the detailed embroidery with appealing artwork of threads, stones, and other decorative items along with vibrant colors, and long, flowing skirts.

The Mughal Bridal Dress collection at Kala Shree Regalia Chandni Chowk are available in different color combinations and prints of stunning digital patterns. The designers have provided these collections with new and amazing trends of the current fashion styles and look. You would be tempted by the elegance of these collections. So, if you are getting ready to marry soon or you are looking for Mughal Bridal Dress for your relative or friend, then surely visit us.

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