Trick up your sleeve!

We understand how important your look is for you and thus,we try to cover up all the aspects that will help you land with the perfect outfit, makeup and accessories. We bring to you the latest trends with DO’S AND DONT’S when it comes to choosing the right sleeves for you.
Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, looking ravishing is indispensable and for that you spend hours and weeks shopping to put together all the elements of your attire perfectly in place. You go for wedding shopping and buy a beautiful outfit for yourself. Not only the outfit, you team up suitable accessories and footwear as well. A bad sleeve choice robs your outfit off its charm, and an apt one could glam your entire look. It is true that sleeves do not influence your choices but to give your attire a character, they play an important role. Read on to know what type of sleeves can make you stand out and which might ruin your look.


Fashion doesn’t wait for anyone, it changes as soon as an idea strikes a chord with you and makes a place for itself in your wardrobe. With every season, new trends come into play and clothes see the fastest changes. Here are some sleeve types that are ruling the fashion ramp in 2019:

RUFFLES – When the fabric is gathered and sewn to one place making the fabric appear as frills is what these sleeves appear like. Teams up chic on both western and indo-western looks. They are also designed at the hem of a basic sleeve, keeping the trend fit these days.

RAGLAN – When a single fabric extends upto the neck, it forms a raglan sleeve. These are uncommon when it comes to Indian attire but look really fabulous when used in kurtis and suits.

BELL- These are shaped like a bell .They can start from armhole or begin towards the end of straight sleeve cut. This kind of sleeves were very popular back in 70’s and are now back in trend. One can carry it with a variety of Indian, western and indo-western attires.

GUSSET- The sleeves can be any sleeves but with an added piece of fabric at the armpit area to give an added character to the top part of the dress and the sleeves. These are good to go in blouses to other traditional and western dresses.

BISHOP- These sleeves are much wider on the shoulder side and are gathered at the wrist line. Blouses in this sleeve style look great.

PUFF SLEEVES- These are short sleeves gathered at the top, cuff and full in the middle. These give you a retro look but look pretty especially when used in blouses.

CAPE SLEEVES- These are not sleeves but more like a cape from the shoulders flowing down and look superb when used in blouses or kurtis.

FULL SLEEVES- These are all time in. You can wear them in any season and use in any attire. These are the safest rescuers of all time if you want to endeavour simplicity!

QUARTER SLEEVES- Just like full sleeves, these too are all season sleeves that look graceful with both Indian and western outfits.

CUT SLEEVES- If one is sleek and fit, you can opt for a cut sleeves or a sleeveless look.